17 Jun 2010

Sustaining High Performance - The Science of Success


1. District Installation will be held on 2nd Jul at Marriot Hotel, Admiralty

The birthday boy this night was Rtn Argha, we sang a birthday song and presented a bottle of red wine to him as birthday gift.

The speaker today, we had Mr. Andrew Cox and Ms. Bess Hepworth, they talked about “Sustaining high performance - The science of success”.  Also, we had Roast pig and dinner buffet dinner.

Sergeant at Arms, Rtn Stephen collected $1,470 for raffle and fines, the raffle prizes was a bottle of red wine donated by Rtn Didier and the winner was President Peter.

Rtn Martin introduces the evening’s speakers.

Rtn Argha hammers a point home with Rtn Didier.