21 Oct 2010

Wine tasting, wine quiz and dinner buffet

The birthday boy today was PP Francesco but he was not in town.  As President Stephen was in London now, PE Martin was the acting President tonight. 
Rotarians and guests enjoyed buffet dinner featuring slow roasted rib eye paired with select wines.
The speaker today was Rtn Didier.  He brought different kinds of wines for us to taste.  VP Rebecca and Rtn Didier designed a game to all attendants to guess for the wine they drink.  The game divided into 3 parts.  Part one was a blind tasting of a rose and a white wine, which most people discerned correctly.  Part two was a contest to guess what nations three wines were from.  Part three was a contest to name the grape varietal of a wine.  Rtn Didier briefly described the characteristic of each wine to give people more hints to guess.  There were four winners: Rtn Ernie won the great prize prepared by Rtn Didier, Rtnne Ada won another prize of a bottle of Chateau Clerc Milon 1998, VP Rebecca recieved the prize of a bottle of Segla 2002, and PP Paul received a bottle of red wine from Rtn Didier.

We collected $720 for raffle and fines, the winner of raffle was VP Rebecca, and she got another bottle of red wine.

PE Martin presents wine contest awards to Rtnne Ada and VP Rebecca.

Rtn Didier and PE Martin award wine prize to Rtn Ernie for his skilled responses.