30 Sep 2010

Regular lunch meeting with visiting Rtn Simon James of Misbourne Matins Rotary Club (UK)


Joint Membership Development & New Members Orientation Workshop will be held on 9th Oct (Sat) at Holiday Inn Golden Mile from 12pm to 4:30pm

The Board nominated IPP Peter Chu to serve on the Nominating Committee for the District Governor 2013-2014 and have the approval by the majority of members presented.

Our district Golf Tournament will be held on 22nd Oct (Friday) at HK Golf Club, Fanling.

Rotary 10K Race will be held on 7th Nov (Sunday) at Shatin Sports Ground.  5k is acceptable, but you won’t win.

The birthday boy today was Rtn David Ross and he got a bottle of red wine as birthday gift. 

And we had exchange the banner with Visiting Rotarian Simon.


As the speaker today, Rtn Lorenzo could not attend, we invited him to speak again and requested Visiting Rtn Simon James from Rotary Club of Misbourne Matins, UK, to present to us on details about his club.  Early risers, Misbourne Matins Rotarians break the fast at the Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross each Wednesday at 7:30am.  The Bull Hotel was built in the year of the Glorious Revolution (1688), when King James II lost the mandate of heaven, so to speak.  The Misbourne Matins Rotary Club is relatively new (founded in 1997) and their hard work, business ethic, and enthusiasm have worked positively for their causes.

Apart from their numerous local projects, Misbourne Matins Rotary Club manages to find time and effort to bolster several International Projects, which include:

  • Working in Africa - In 2004 the Club was made aware of Rotarians in South Africa who had founded and supported a hospice for both cancer and HIV/Aids sufferers, so they helped provide vehicles to the hospice in 2004 and 2007.
  • Working in India - A Misbourne Matins club member on holiday in Goa went to a local Rotary meeting and was asked if Misbourne Matins would join with Indian clubs in providing clean drinking water to schools.  Seventeen schools and some 20,000 children were provided with clean drinking water through this project.
  • Working in Nepal - The Nepal Trust is a Scottish-based charity working exclusively in North West Nepal providing assistance to villages up to 5,000m in the Himalayan foothills.  Their main aims are provision of electricity via micro hydro-electric schemes and the lighting of village houses through solar panels.  Cutting edge!
  • Working in Bali - A Misbourne Matins RC member who is affiliated with a club in Bali suggested an Orphanage as a candidate for assistance.  The orphanage required a vehicle to transport children to school, on trips and, occasionally, to hospital and the club was on board to help.
  • Also, the Misbourne Matins RC actively participate the Shelterbox/Aquabox Programmes. 

PP Nick presented hand-made embroidery from the Yi people in the villages of Sichuan to Rtn Simon as memento of his visit.  The artwork is part of an effort to help people burdened with the legacy of leprosy to achieve self-sufficiency and pride.

PP Nick also spent some time discussing the Legal Aid Department in HK and how it has lost funding over the years while its need has grown.  As it was Legal Aid Day in Hong Kong, it was a timely reminder of how those with the least can be quickly victimized.

We collected $1.110 for raffle and fines; the winner of raffle was Rtn Jim’s son Thomas, who was presented with a bottle of red wine.

Visiting Rotarian Simon James.

PP Nick spoke about Legal Aid in Hong Kong and how it is underfunded by the government.

Rtn Jim’s son Thomas won the lucky draw.