28 Nov 2013

Dinner meeting. Topic: Rooftop Farming

At our meeting today, we welcomed a new member Dixon Wu, sponsored by Rtn Michael.  Rtn Dixon’s classification is Media & Production.  Welcome, Dixon.

Our speaker today was President Mawin Cheung from Rotary Club of Happy Valley to talk about rooftop organic urban farming.  President Mawin discussed the numerous benefits of organic vegetables, such as food safety, freshness, cost-savings and the social capital created among people engaged in a shared endeavor. The environment also benefits from the reduction in fuel used to move produce to our kitchens, as well as the natural benefits of photosynthesis: oxygen production and carbon dioxide reduction.

He showed us the rooftops of the commercial and industrial buildings that were being used as farms, which along with the above benefits also adds an element of corporate social responsibilty.

In addition to food production, President Mawin shared with us that we need to reduce food waste. Hong Kong is far behind other places, such as Taiwan and South Korea regarding food waste and the government needs to pass legislation to put us on equal footing.

Our Sergeant, VP Michael collected HK$690 for raffle and fines and the raffle prize (a bottle of wine) was won by Hon. Treasurer Praveen.