01 Aug 2013

Dinner meeting: Mr. Malcolm Begbie, "Surprise Journey"

Our speaker today was Mr. Malcolm Begbie; his topic was ” Surprise Journey”.  Malcolm Begbie, and his wife, Sally, have served developing nations for 34 years, 27 of those in Hong Kong.  Initially, Malcolm, a Chartered Accountant, worked with NGOs providing financial services. Sally worked in a communications/PR capacity.

In 1995, the couple birthed the humanitarian organization called Crossroads Foundation, and they have remained as more than full time working directors of the charity until today. The Crossroads journey started as a surprise and has continued to be one of unexpected developments throughout its extraordinary life.

The work of Crossroads including,
Global Distribution: This distributes Hong Kong’s quality excess goods as needed, internationally and locally. It provides a crossroads between need and supply.
Global Village: This offers simulated x-periences of global need. It provides a crossroads between the lifestyles of the rich and poor.
Global Handicrafts: This sells fair trade goods from people in poverty. It is a crossroads between those needing a fair income and those with buying power.
Global Hand: This provides a ‘matching’ website for public- private partnerships. It is a crossroads between for-profit and non-profit organisations who wish to address global need.

Crossroads help our club’s adopt a school Aplicahu Kaifong Primary School with IT equipment and the project will be continued this year.

Rtn Laurence collected HK$840 for raffle and fines, Malcolm help to draw the raffle gift as a box of Chinese Cookies; the winner was Rtn Michael Wan and he presented the cookies to our guests, the team of Crossroads.