16 Jun 2011

Cycling Home From Siberia with speaker Rob Lilwall

Today, we invited Mr. Rob Lilwall to talk about “Cycling Home From Siberia,” which is the title of his book and of the NatGeo feature documentary about his journey.  After teaching teenagers geography at a secondary school near Oxford for two years, Rob decided to do something far more relaxing: he bought a one way plane ticket to the Far Eastern Edge of Siberia, flew there with his bicycle, and then set off to ride home again. The journey back to London would eventually cover over 30,000 miles, take over three years, and carry him through such wild corners of the world as the thick jungles of Papua New Guinea, the ice-bound passes of Tibet, and the lonely valleys of Afghanistan. Along the way he learnt to camp at minus forty, survived a cyclone, and was robbed at gunpoint. Rob’s story has been retold in his book Cycling Home From Siberia and in a six-part television series by National Geographic.  To learn more about Rob’s journey, visit http://www.roblilwall.com/.

President Stephen became the auctioneer to auction the book, DVD brought by Rob.  PP George’s daughter, PP Francesco, PP Kishore and PE Martin got a book each, PP Tobi, Mr. John Gunning and PP George got a DVD, while Tanny got both.  We raised HK$2,650 to the charity Rob preferred.

Sergeant at Arms PP Francesco collected HK$2,070 for raffle and fines.  PP Kishore won the bottle of red wine as raffle prize.

Cycling Home From Siberia author Rob Lilwall

PP Francesco talking about our club’s new sister club in the Philippines.