15 Aug 2013

Dinner meeting: Speaker: Devin Gonier

We had a new member induction today: Ms Erica Mok.  Erica was proposed by PP George and her classification is Private Banker.  President Adrian conducted the induction ceremony and AG Heman presented the Rotary pin to Erica.

Visiting Rotarian Joy Butler Markham from Rotary Club of Midtown Colombo visited us and introduced her club to us.  President Adrian exchanged our banner with Rtn Joy.

Our speaker today was Mr. Devin Gonier and his topic was “Orphanage Without Walls”.  Devin came to introduce his organisation Shambala Foundation to us.  Shambala Foundation is an independent, non-governmental, non-religiously affiliated humanitarian organization alleviating poverty in Asia. Their approach is to find community-based, long-term solutions for poverty alleviation. They focus on projects and programs that promote education for disadvantaged communities.  Shambala Foundation’s main project is Orphanage Without Walls, which supports 650 orphans and their foster families by providing educational opportunities, social support, and basic needs.  They work closely with local organizations to achieve the goal of lifting each child in our program out of poverty. 

Orphanage Without Walls (OWW) is a long term project supporting the poorest and most vulnerable orphans to grow up in a stable family situation in their local community while pursuing their highest possible level of education and/or vocational training. The ultimate goal for each individual orphan is to get his or her first paid job.

Devin hopes our club can consider giving support to their organisation by direct donation or any kind of co-operation.

PP George collected HK$1,660 for raffle and fines.  Devin helped to draw the raffle gift, which was a box of Moon cakes, which Rtn Ernie won.