07 Feb 2013

Dinner meeting: Ronny Mintjens

PP George organised our Better Halves Evening tonight as a way to better acquaint our members’ better halves with the club’s activities. 

Our speaker today was Mr. Ronny Mintjens, who spoke about his “Africian Experience”.  He gave our members a unique insight into some of Africa’s amazing cultures.  Ronny is an educator and a Belgian national living in Hong Kong (since 2006).  He spent 15 years of his adult life in southern and East Africa playing for some of the biggest football clubs there before coaching Tanzania’s two biggest clubs, the Tanzania national under-17 team, and then Qatar’s national under-14 team. 

He has chronicled his story, and the result is “More than a Game”.  This novel, published in December ’12, serves as an inspirational story for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about foreign cultures.  This is a book about culture, about human relationships, about the people of Africa, and about tolerance.  But rather than looking on as a mere tourist, he had the privilege of going right to the heart of the African cultures, because of his involvement in high-profile football.  He even became good friends with the King of Swaziland.

We collected HK$600 for raffle and fines. Ronny helped to draw the raffle prize, which was a Fortune Book for the Year of Snake—the winner was Rtn Ernie.