20 Mar 2014

Dinner meeting: Rotaract Club of Centennial College, HKU Inauguration

We held a new Rotaract Club Inauguration this evening for Centennial College, University of HK tonight at Moon Koon Restaurant, Happy Valley Racecourse.  Joining our club members were DG Eugene, CDS Eric, District Rotaract Committee Chair, PP Silva Yeung and BY Wong, IPDG Kenneth, AG Heman and many other PPs and IPPs from other Rotary Clubs.  Also attending were Ms. Chan Mei Kwan, Dean of Students, Vincent Li, Student Affairs Officer and 13 new Rotaractors from Centennial College.

President Adrian welcomed all of our guests.  District Rotaract Committee Chair PP Silva Yeung gave us a speech on what Rotaract Clubs are and do.  DG Eugene Fong congratulated to the first Rotaract Club sponsored by our club.  Ms. Chan Mei Kwan, Dean of Students, Centennial College was happy to have our club to support the students to form a Rotaract Club.  Then Rotaract Club President Jerry Chiu gave us a Presentation on their plans for this year and introduced the officers and members of the Rotaract Club.

At the end, DG Eugene Fong presented Certification of Organization to President Jerry and President Adrian presented the Bell and pins to the new Rotaract Club.