15 Mar 2012

Dinner meeting: Something looks true but actually not true (似是而非 or 似非而是); speaker: Mr Arthur Chan

We had a birthday boy, Rtn Shri, and a birthday girl, Denis, DAG Tobi’s guest, President Martin presented each of them a bottle of red wine as birthday gift.

Before the speaker’s programme, VP Rebecca prepared a Quiz for our Spring Dinner and those guessing the right answer received a tin of Traditional Chinese Biscuits as gift.

The speaker today was Mr. Arthur Chan, Arthur got EMBA from University of Ottawa is the Managing Director of Unimax Toys Limited and also the ARPS of The Royal Photographic Society, UK.  Arthur came with his photos and his topic was “Something Looks True But Actually Not True”.  Arthur showed us his photos and explained to us the technique he used.  He don’t like ordinary photos that only reflect exactly what he shoot, his photo through multiple exposure to have the special effect which a mountain doesn’t just like a mountain but more.

We collected HK$1,290 for raffle and fines.  We got a lot of gifts for raffle, PP Nick brought us two picture of Chinese Opera and a Tea equipment, DAG Tobi brought us Fortune Cookies to taste and other 3 boxes for raffle, Arthur brought us 3 books of his Photo Collection, also, our club prepared two boxes of Chinese Tea Leaves.  Rtn Michael Lam, Denise and PP Nick got the Photo Collection Books, PP Nick and Rtn Shri got the box of Chinese Tea Leaves, Ella and President Martin got the Chinese Opera Picture, Rtn Betty got the Tea equipment, Ella, Rtn Michael Lam and Arthur got the Fortune Cookies.  All people have a wonderful night!

This three-exposure photo by speaker Arthur Chan was shot in New Zealand.