15 Sep 2011

Water Quality in the Pearl River Delta. Speaker: Emma Rocke

We had two birthday boys today: Rtn Michael Lam and Hon. Sec. Michael Wan. President Martin led us singing a birthday song to them and presented them with a bottle of red wine each as a birthday gift.

We had the induction of new member, Rtn Charles Lagrange.  Rtn Charles transferred from Rotary Club of Beijing and his classification is Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals Industry.

After the induction, VP Rebecca and President Martin prepared a ceremony for International Peace Day.  VP Rebecca prepared Peace symbols which can stick on member’s badges and the candles on the table.  President Martin led members to light up the candles with the songs of Peace, and then, toast to International Peace Day.

As, the mid-autumn festival was on Monday, VP Rebecca prepared a quiz about mid-autumn festival, and the people with correct answer got a small gift as Chinese cookies.

We had Ms. Emma Rocke as our speaker and she talked about “Water Quality in the Pearl River Delta”.  Emma has a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology and International Relations from the Technical Institute and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, and is working for her PhD in Marine Biology at HKUST. She has worked for the National Park Service in Sand Dunes National Park in Indiana, USA.  Emma said more than 100 million people live in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) watershed, which is China’s 2nd largest River in terms of water discharge.  The highest discharge takes place during the three months of the summer wet season; this discharge has a marked influence on the water quality of Hong Kong waters.

Pollution in PRD primarily in the form of fertilizer runoff.  Nutrients are a good thing, but too many nutrients cause a phenomenon known as eutrophication.  This results in too much algal biomass produced as result algae blooms.  So, more research needed: non point source pollution of large concern and more international cooperation is also needed

Sergeant at Arms PE Michael collected HK$1,520 for raffle and fines.  Rtnne Sonia won the prize as a box of Chinese cookies.