18 Jul 2013

Dinner meeting: Speaker: Mr. Dario Calvarus

The birthday boy of today was PP Nick, we sang a birthday song to him and President Adrian presented a bottle of red wine to him as birthday gift.

Our speaker today was Mr. Dario Calvaruso, whose topic was “Leading a spiritual life in a material world”.  Born in Italy, Dario left his motherland very young to embark on a journey to India, which lasted 15 years. During this time he studied Logic, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Yoga, Psychology, Counseling and Holistic Therapeutical Sciences. He is a devoted and qualified yoga instructor, yoga therapist, psychologist, and wellness consultant with a life-long vision to help people live a satisfied, meaningful, healthy and joyful life. He works extensively in Asia and Europe as an ayurvedic and wellness counselor, workplace wellness consultant, yoga trainer, holistic therapist and nutritional advisor. Before incorporating Holistic Wellness in Hong Kong, Dario was director at Tirthashrama (India) and Tirtha Planet.

Dario told us about his spiritual journey story and how he arrived in Hong Kong.

PP Thomas collected HK$890 for raffle and fines. Dario drew the raffle gift—a bottle of red wine, which President Adrian won.