16 May 2013

Dinner meeting: Speaker: Ms. Anne Marsall

We had two speakers today. The first was President Kelvin Ho from Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest to talk about “Organ Donation”.  Our District has a function on the first of June to promote organ donation (after death) in Hong Kong along with the launch of a Rotary Organ Donation Octopus Card.

Available organs are very limited with a donation rate in Hong Kong of only 4.6 donors per million population, which is markedly below international standard of 32 donors per million. We need to educate people attempt to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation, President Ho said.  The District joined with Department of Health and Octopus Card Ltd. to create the Rotary cards of ‘love’.

Our second speaker was Ms. Anne Marshall, a jewelry designer with a background in finance.  Ms Marshall, a British citizen who has been living in Hong Kong for the past 20 years,  trained at the Internationally renowned Central St Martins School of Art in London and has spent many years creating custom jewelry for clients and exhibition.  Anne is also a gemmologist and has been a director of the Gemmological Association of HK and the English Language Editor of their Annual Journal since 2002.  As a jeweller she works for corporate and private clients and has recently formalised what used to be an almost accidental service to clients – advising them on what to do with some of the jewels they have lying in the bottom of their jewellery boxes.

Anne was surprised that we only had two ladies in attendance tonight but she still introduced to us the history of jewellery and her work.  She discovered that we are an attentive and interested audience at the end.

Our Sergeant Rtn Laurence collected HK$800 for raffle and fines, Anne help to draw the raffle gift, which was as a box of Chocolate; the winner was Rtn Michael.