06 Sep 2012

Dinner meeting: Speaker: Ms. Pauline Ng, Secretary General of LegCo

Our speaker today was Ms. Pauline Ng, who spoke about “Life in the Legislative Council”.  Ms Pauline Ng, Secretary General of the Legislative Council Secretariat, HKSAR, is the chief executive of the Secretariat and Clerk to the Legislative Council.  Ms Ng was appointed as Secretary General in September 2008.  Before then, she had served as Assistant Secretary General for 14 years during which she served as Clerk to the Finance Committee and, among other things, coordinated the support services and the provision of procedural advice to a number of select committees, as well as the Committee on Rules of Procedure.  Ms Ng was also the mastermind in the planning of the purpose-built Legislative Council Complex at Tamar and coordinated the relocation of the Legislative Council to the new Complex in September 2011.

The mission of the Legislative Council Secretariat is to provide efficient administrative, secretariat and research support for the Council, enhance community understanding of the activities of the Council and ensure an effective avenue for redress.  Ms. Ng as the Secretary General is the Clerk to the Legislative Council and the chief executive of the Legislative Council Secretariat. She is responsible to the Chairman of the Commission for the administration of the Secretariat.

Not only that, Ms. Ng said now they also have Education Programme, Visit Tour, Children’s Corner, History Gallery, Library and Souvenir Shop.  One of the Education programme is Mock Council debates which aims to provide training opportunities for students and young people to enhance their understanding of the work of the Legislative Council (“LegCo”) and promote their political awareness.  Another programme is meeting with LegCo President.  Since 2008, Hon Jasper TSANG Yok-sing regularly devotes time to meet young people and share with them his views on life, academics, politics and a various topics which interest the group.

Ms. Ng will be retired very soon, she hope she can spend more time with her four grandsons and granddaughters, develop her interest on art and music and prepare a book on rules of Legislative Council after her retirement.

We collected HK$890 for raffle and fines, Ms. Ng draw the raffle gift as a box of Chinese Cookies and the winner was Tracy, President Michael’s wife.