16 Feb 2012

Dinner meeting: PP Tony Leung from Rotary Club of Quarry Bay

The speaker today was PP Tony Leung from Rotary Club of Quarry Bay, our daughter club.  He also is the Chairman of RCHKS-Handa Projects International Limited (‘RCHKS-Handa’), which runs the leprosy rehabilitation project in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, RPC with the support of the Liangshan Prefecture Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (‘CDC’).

RCHKS-Handa is a charitable institution in Hong Kong governed by a board of directors who are all volunteers. Board meetings are held at least quarterly and board visits to Liangshan at least half-yearly. Project activities are executed by full-time staff in the Mainland and in Hong Kong, supported by volunteers from time to time.

Liangshan is one of the remaining pockets of leprosy, i.e. Hansen’s disease, in Mainland China. Most of the people affected by leprosy, whom we call ‘PAL’, have physical disabilities, and need constant medical attention to improve their condition. The main aims of the project are to improve the early detection of leprosy, to prevent the disease and to provide training and self help guidance to the PAL. There are programmes covering psychological and social rehabilitation, economic rehabilitation and education in addition to medical and health care.

The project covers nine leprosy villages; which are Xide, Ganluo, Puge, Butuo, Jinyang, Huili in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture; Yanbian in Panzhihua, Muli in Muli Prefecture and Luding (Moxi) in Ganzi Prefecture has been newly added to the list. There are approximately 1,700 villagers in these villages, of whom 440 are affected by leprosy.

Their Mission is to improve the life quality for People affected by Leprosy in China, mainly in their Education, Health Care, Rehabilitation, Environmental, social integration and Socio-economic enhancement through multiple channels and in collaboration with Hong Kong medical educators.

Rtn Otis collected HK$1,240 for raffle and fines.  Rtn Ernie got the raffle prize as a bottle of red wine.