18 Apr 2013

Dinner meeting: Speaker: President Winnie Ng

We invited President Winnie Ng from Rotary Club of Peninsula to give us a talk about their Club project “Dreams Come True - Life Transformation”.  Rotary Club of Peninsula with the help of their Rotaractors, HK Society of Rehabilitation and four Self-Help Groups for rare diseases coordinate to make some dreams come true for deserving people.  The applicants to the program can request anything from small to big dreams, such as visiting a place, buying an accessory to help them live a more full life, sharing an experience, meeting a beloved person, etc.

The program has provided electronic wheelchairs to the Spinocerebellar Ataxia patients, published books for patients seeking self-expression, brought the family of a Mucoploysaccharidoses patient to HK Disneyland, and provided photography training to a patient who has Mucoploysaccharidoses.

Our Sergeant Rtn William collected HK$1040 for raffle and fines, President Winnie help to draw the raffle gifts as two bottles of wine, the winners were VP Betty and Mr. Thomas Eastling.