21 Jul 2011

Dinner meeting: "Reclaiming Healthy Air for Hong Kong's Competitiveness and Quality of Life". Speaker: Christian Masset.

Our speaker today was Ms. Christian Masset, who spoke on “Reclaiming Healthy Air for Hong Kong’s Competitiveness and Quality of Life”.  Christian Masset, is the Immediate Past-Chairman of Clear the Air, after serving the group as Chairman for seven years. He has written numerous articles on the environment in Hong Kong and appeared on numerous occasions on radio and television. He is also a director of the first renewable energy company set-up in Hong Kong, in 2007: the Motorwave Group.

Air pollution in Hong Kong is a serious problem, not only causing poor visibility in the city, but also creating significant health issues for its residents. In addition, air pollution is making it more difficult for companies to attract foreign staff and their families to relocate to the city.