14 Feb 2013

Lunch meeting: 14 February 2013: Gabrielle Kirstein

The birthday boys today were Rtn Dirk and Rtn Chris, President Michael presented a bottle of red wine to them as birthday gift, and PP Paul led us to sing the birthday song to them.

Our speaker today was Ms. Gabrielle Kirstein,  Co-Founder and Executive Director of Feeding Hong Kong, a local registered charity with a mission to fight hunger in Hong Kong and reduce the amount of quality food being sent to our city’s landfills.  As Executive Director, Gabrielle oversees Feeding Hong Kong’s foodbank operations, charity network and educational programmes. She also leads the team’s corporate and community partnerships and food and fundraising efforts.

Gabrielle came with Robert to introduce Feeding HK to us.  Feeding Hong Kong is the first Hong Kong food bank dedicated to rescuing surplus nutritious food from retailers, distributors and manufacturers and redistributing it to people in need. Their task is to fight hunger in Hong Kong and at the same time reduce the amount of quality food that is being sent to our city’s landfills.  Every day they collect fresh, high quality food that would otherwise be thrown away, and deliver it to their network of partner charities who are providing food to the hungry in our community.  At the same time, they work tirelessly to raise awareness about poverty and food insecurity in Hong Kong and promote healthy eating and nutritional education to the most vulnerable groups in our community. 

Our Sergeant Rtn Dirk collected HK$780 for raffle and fines, Gabrielle help to drew the raffle gifts as a bottle of honey, the winner was Rtn Sam.