02 Dec 2010

Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF)

Today’s speaker was Ms. Winnie Lin from Child Development Matching Fund, who introduced a “Carol Singing Festival” to us, a program to raise money during the holidays for children from low-income families.  The HKSAR Government established Child Development Fund (CDF) in 2008 to provide personal development opportunities for children from disadvantaged families through an asset-building model.  Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF) was established in August 2009 with the aim to mobilize the whole community to give time, talent and money to help children from low-income families to provide matching funds for the targeted saving plan of the CDF (13,000 children aged 10-16 from disadvantaged families are eligible to benefit from this program).
“Carol Singing Festival”, the first territory-wide fund raising and publicity event CMDF has organised, will be held from 18 to 24 December 2010.  Carol singing will be performed in major shopping malls, hotels, MTR stations and designated locations with Christmas songs in various languages without music accompaniment; singers will be organised in groups of ten and each session will be last about 30 minutes.  You can help to match donations for the performing teams from low-income sectors of the community or encourage your staff, friends and their families to form singing groups to participate in the Festival.  To learn more, visit the organisation’s web site (Chinese only):  http://www.cdmf.org.hk

After Winnie’s talk, we went back on with our Annual General Meeting. President Stephen opened the meeting with reports from PP Francesco, PP George, PP Kishore, PP Bernie and Rtn David.  Our Treasurer, PP Kishore presented the audit report of 2009-2010 and was approved by all members. PE Martin presented the List of Board Members for 2011-2012 and all in attendance approved.  At the end, we approved to appoint Lam, Lee and So C.P.A. Co. Ltd. continued to be our auditor for 2010-2011.

Our Sergeant at arms, PP Tobi collected HK$2,200 for raffle and fines.  PP Nick got the raffle prize which was a bottle of red wine.

1. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) training camp will be held on 10-13 February, and the application deadline is 23 December 2010.
2. The first Carol Singing Festival for the Child Development Matching Fund will be held throughout Hong Kong from 18 to 24 December, 2010.
3. We will have the club’s Christmas Party on 9th December at Poolside, HK Golf Club Deep Water Bay at 7:30pm. Our Board Meeting will be held at 6pm before the Party.