05 Nov 2009

What's new at Cyberport

Cyberport’s COO Mark Clift was our guest speaker at the 5 November meeting. Mr. Clift related the history of the Cyberport residential and commercial real estate development project and highlighted the outreach Cyberport does for improving the quality of life for residents, including this past weekend’s music and digital art festival called Clockenflap. Cyberport also continues to incubate high tech companies with 10 gigabyte network connections, special facilities for video editing, and more. Entrepreneurs involved at Cyberport have developed more than 65 patented applications since the program’s inception. Mr. Clift thanked everyone for the opportunity to speak and invited the group for a tour of the facilities
at Cyberport.

To learn more about Cyberport, visit their web site at: http://www.cyberport.com.hk.


Rtn David presented a report on the club’s ongoing involvement with Leprosy patients in Sichuan. New stoves have been purchased, which have greater efficiency. While general hygiene is still an issue, the overall project is going pretty well and Rtn David said that the care of wounds has enormously improved over the past five years.


President Peter spoke briefly about the Club 888 Raffle and signed scores of begging letters for fellow Rotarians to send to contacts to obtain gift donations for the raffle.

PP Gaston celebrated a birthday and bought everyone in attendance a glass of wine.

Rtn Shri introduced the COO from Cyberport as the day’s speaker.

PP Nick thanked Mark Clift for his presentation and asked questions about the origin of funding for the Cyberport development.

President Peter noted that a PP dinner is arranged for 11 November at the Jockey Club.

A New Members Evening will be held on 24 November at the private member Halo Club at 10-12 Stanley Street at 8pm courtesy of PP Bernie.

A 100RMB note was found in the donation tray. Keep them coming.

Visiting Rotarians: Rtn David Anderson from Rotray Club of Todi, Umbria, Rtn Petro Ching from Rotary Club of Hong Kong City North.

Guests: IPP Francesco brought his wife Eugenia and his friends Mr. Larry Sze, Mr. Michelle Bina, and Susana; PP George brought guests Patrick Lui and Irvin Tse.

Cyberport COO Mark Clift presents an overview of the Cyberport development.

President Peter with COO Mark Clift of Cyberport

Rtn Shri introduces speaker Mark Clift