11 Apr 2013

Lunch meeting: Give Chance a Chance. Speaker: Mr. Peter Schindler

Our speaker today was Mr. Peter Schindler, who spoke about “Give Chance a Chance”.  As a young man Peter raced cars in Europe – Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula Super-V and Renault Elf - before abandoning the racetrack for an office in the ‘Dark Years’ of his life during which he studied at MIT and INSEAD and worked his way up to become an associate partner in Accenture’s China practice. However, his love of driving has never left him, and this has recently led to a book about the joy of being behind the wheel (“On the Road: Driving Adventures, Pleasures and Discoveries‟) as well as On the Road in China, a specialist tour operator offering driving holidays in China and South-East Asia. Although he now has less time for exploring, Peter is still happiest when he’s behind the wheel, en route to somewhere exciting…

Peter drove a classic car to go through China, he took a lot of beautiful pictures and showed them to us.  His classic car attracted a lot of attention and changed his life.

Our Sergeant PP Francesco collected HK$1230 for raffle and fines, Peter helped to draw the raffle gift, which was a bottle of red wine, which PP Paul won.