10 Oct 2013

Lunch meeting: Helping Children Become the best in spoken English and Chinese

Our speaker today was PP Mahmood Rumjahn from Rotary Club of Admiratly.  He talked about “How to help Children of Hong Kong to Become the Best in English and Chinese in the World” to us.  A graduate of York University in Canada, PP Mahmood is a famous Cantonese Pop Song composer who has turned his attention to education.
He designed methods to help children to pronounce English and Chinese correctly and he encourages children in kindergarten start to use his method.  PP Mahmood hopes our club can help find some kindergartens to test his method.

Our Sergeant, Rtn Manoj collected HK$1030 for raffle and fines. PP Mahmood helped to draw the raffle gift — a box of chinese cookies, which was won by President Adrian.