15 Nov 2012

Lunch meeting: How to buy a race horse in Hong Kong

The speaker of today was Mr. George Moore and he gave a talk on “How to buy a Race Horse for Hong Kong” with us.  George holds a bachelor of Administration at the University of Arizona in Management Information Systems and Operation Management.  George also holds a racing diploma in Queensland, Australia, which qualifies him to train and ride horses overseas.  Moore Bloodstock was established in 2002, where George is the chief bloodstock agent for the Moore Racing Stable in Hong Kong. Over the years the Moore team has purchased horses that have won in excess of 400 million HKD and over 100 group races.  George is the traveling assistant trainer for the Moore stable and prepares all of the horses for the overseas racing carnivals in Dubai, Singapore, Australia and Europe.

George said before someone can own a horse in HK they need to be the Full Membership in the HKJC and successful application for either a PP (Private Purchase) or PPG (PP Griffin) permit.

Selection of the horse can be based on Pedigree, Conformation and Racing form.  Pedigree analysis is an important tool agents use to identify good potential horses. However it tends to be more critical at earlier stages in a horse’s career. Since horses that have good racing form have already proven themselves.  Conformation of a horse is crucial when assessing the horse’s soundness for racing in Hong Kong – “A Ferrari with golf cart tires is still not going to go fast”.  When purchasing a horse both his physical conformation and x-rays need to be carefully looked over. It is always smart to get a vet that has considerable experience that you can trust. It might also be smart to get a second opinion.

After a yearling is purchased they need to be sent to a breaking and pre-training farm before they are imported to HK. They tend to give them a spell or break of 1-3 months depending on the horse before we start the breaking in process.

Once a horse is purchased we recommend all our clients to insure their horses and this is done over usually a 12 to 18 month term through an outside agent. 

When the horse comes to HK owners have to acknowledge to the HKJC which trainer they are using.  Of course a leading trainer is the best however owners should also consider the horses needs such as does the horse need time. Is the trainer going to be too hard or will he take his time?  Do I want to be with a stable that gives me good feedback? Communication – Chinese or English speaking trainer

We collected HK$1270 for raffle and fines, George draw the raffle gift as a book “Chinese Horoscope 2013” and the winner was Rtn Michael Lam.

President Michael with speaker George Moore of Moore Bloodstock