16 Dec 2010

Fundraising around the world.

16 Dec 2010 Lunch Meeting

The speaker today was Mr. Julian Marland, who talked about “Fundraising around the world.”  Julian said Philanthropy has always existed in most countries – many schools, universities, hospitals, museums etc. were founded by private donors, even if now public.  Professional Fundraising started at Ivy Leagues in 1920s, and has now spread to all sectors in US, UK and Canada and is now being taken seriously in a number of European and Asian countries.  China has had university foundations active for over 12 years, which are now raising large sums.
Fundraising in HK is still early days, large numbers of NGOs but very few with professional fundraisers.
A convincing and motivating Case for Support, allied to realistic projects and plausible financial needs
Access to sources of support
Committed volunteer leaders and project advocates
Internal readiness of the organisation to carry out a fundraising campaign.

And the conclusions he made:
Philanthropy is sold, not bought
Get the Board involved in the strategy
Set up Development Committee if Board not appropriate
Volunteers essential but need professional staff for a serious sustained effort
Create excitement around a big campaign
Take a 3 to 5 year view on investment
Learn from other countries, especially UK

After Julian’s talk, we had DGE David to talk about his plan.  DGE David is searching for ”The One”:
THE ONE   who has dedicated themselves to the improvement of mankind
THE ONE   who gives totally to the cause
THE ONE who advocates for humanity
THE ONE who works for the highest standard of good
THE ONE can come from any part of the world
THE ONE who acts with compassion and kindness
THE ONE can be of any gender or race
THE ONE is the person who always puts ‘Service above Self’
US$ 50,000 will be given to “THE ONE”.  Richard Elman has agreed to sponsor the award in honor of his wife, Susan Elman for three Rotary years: 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14.  US$ 5,000 will be given to the Rotary Club that appoints “THE ONE”.

Other than this project, DGE David would like to give value back to every Rotarian through add value to our Rotary membership Card.  He will negotiate benefits with vendors for discounts & benefits for Rotarians in our District.
Also, we inducted a new member today, Josh Sellers proposed by PE Martin.  Josh’s classification is Brand Development.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) training camp will be held on 10-13 February, and the deadline of application will be 23 December 2010.
We will have casual Lunch next Thursday (23rd December) at the Western Restaurant of HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay.
We will have Robin De Morgan Putting Competition on 13th January 2010 (Thursday) before our lunch meeting at 11:30am.
India National Immunization Day will be held on 15-17 January 2011; DG Jason will lead a team to join.  Please contact DDS Andy Wong if you would like to join.

The Birthday Boy today was President Stephen; PE Martin gave toast to President Stephen with members and guests. 
Our Sergeant at arms, Rtn Joe collected HK$1,100 for raffle and fines.  DGE David got the raffle prize which was an iPad case donated by PP Tobi.

PE Martin and President Stephen welcome new Rotarian Josh Sellers.