09 Feb 2012

Lunch meeting: Mr. Ronny Mintjens on North Korea

The speaker today was Mr. Ronny Mintjens, Head of Languages of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong; his topic was “See North Korea – Special Trips Now Arranged for This Year”.  A number Rotarians travelled to North Korea in November, 2011 and one of the participants, Mr Ronny Mintjens, who also visited North Korea with his students before.

He gave his presentations on North Korea and it was very informative and inspiring.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), more commonly known as North Korea, is a fascinating country with thousands of years of history, a very gracious people, amazing natural beauty, incredible potential and - of course - a very mysterious aura around it.  The last 100 years a lot has happened in this nation in the far North-East of Asia, and a unique society and way of life have been created. 

Ronny brought us a lot of photos of the North Korea trip and let us know more about this country, also he is organising 3 trips to the country in this summer.  Traditionally, one of its main mysteries has been how to gain access to this fascinating country.  Well, travel to the DPRK has never been easier, and Ronny brought chances to realise your dream of witnessing the world’s least known and probably most misunderstood nation. 

We had a birthday boy today, he was Rtn Chris Dundon, PP Paul led us to sing the birthday song and President Martin presented him a bottle of red wine as birthday gift.

We collected HK$690 for raffle and fines.  Rtn Jim’s son Thomas got the fortune book of Year of Dragon donated by PP George and Rtn John got another prize as a bottle of red wine.