12 May 2011

Mr K L Bok, CEO of RCHKS Handa International

Today, we invited Mr. K L Bok to talk about “Striving for Leprosy Rehabilitation in Remote Sichuan: Delivering our Love, Care and Concern”.  Mr. Bok is the Chief Executive Officer of the RCHKS-Handa Projects International Limited, which is the managing organization for the Sichuan Liangshan Leprosy Rehabilitation Project. Mr Bok joined the Project in late 2009 and has taken the Project from Handa management to direct Hong Kong management.  Their mission is to improve the quality of life for people affected by leprosy (“PALs”), mainly in their physical and psycho-social rehabilitation and integration, socio-economic enhancement, education and sustainable use of the environment.

Achievements in 2010:
- A great majority of the PALs are now capable of wound self care
- New leprosy can be detected early and brought to government medical attention
- Livelihood is improved along with capability improvement
- Many more children go to school
- Women equally participate in village affairs and income improvement programs
- More and more people (volunteers, suppliers, officials, businessmen, neighbors) go into the villages
- Many villagers now goes out of the villages quite casually, though stigma still exists
- Government and NGO collaboration
- We are well-known in the trade

PP Nick thanked Mr Bok for the work of RCHKS-Handa Project International Ltd. to help Leprosy Patients.

The District Assembly will be held on 14th May 2011 at Shatin Club House, HK Jockey Club
The Presidential Inauguration Ball will be held on 8th July 2011 (Friday) at HK Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The Club 888 lucky draw Annual Dinner has been held on 5th May, all tickets were sold and we raised HK$444,000 for our club’s community service fund.
We have invited Mr David O’Rear , Chief Economist of the HKGCC, to speak to our Club on the 2nd of June Lunch Meeting.

President Stephen presented a bottle of wine to Birthday Boys, PP Kishore and PP Raymond, PP Pual led us sang the birthday songs to them.

Sergeant at Arms Rtn Dirk collected HK$1,558 for raffle and fines.  PP Paul won the raffle prize as a bottle of red wine.