13 Jan 2011

Lunch meeting with speaker Mr Peter Mann

President Stephen was still in Beijing, so we had PE Martin as Acting President.
Before the lunch meeting, we had the Robin de Morgan Putting Competition this morning.  The 2nd runner up was PP Mike, the first runner up was PP Tobi, the best of the guests was PP Kishore’s guest Mr. Pierre Boulanger, and the winner our defending champion, PP Francesco.  PP Francesco organised this Putting Competition and donated a bottle of cognac as winner’s prize, so he got the wine himself with the champion cup, but he decided to donate back the wine to the club.

The speaker today was Mr. Peter Mann, who spoke on “Memories of a District Officer”.  Peter came to Hong Kong in 1976 and worked for the HK Government for 25 years in many capacities, including District Officer in Wan Chai,  and Assistant Commissioner of Tourism. Since retiring in 2001, he has been involved in consulting, teaching and voluntary service.  Peter was proud to start to a tree planting project in Wanchai District, which was picked up on by other districts as a model to green the city.  Peter thinks all government officers need to take risks, but nowadays, the culture of the government has changed and officers don’t want to take any risks.
Our Sergeant at arms, Rtn Josh collected HK$1,222 for raffle and fines.  PP George got an iPad case donated by PP Tobi.

Rotary Centenary Challenge Cup will be held on 16 Feb 2011 (Wed) at Happy Valley Racecourse, our club reserved a table.
District Conference will be held on 19-20 March 2011 at HK Convention Centre.