22 Aug 2013

Lunch meeting: Ms. Rosa Kusbiantoro, speaker

Our speaker today was Ms. Rosa Kusbiantoro, who comes to us from BSR’s HERproject.  With a background in engineering and finance, Rosa brings a unique perspective to BSR’s work with extractives companies on social performance issues. She supports companies across all sectors in developing labor, health, reporting and sustainability strategies. In addition, Rosa oversees HERproject Factory programs in Indonesia and Myanmar and supports HERproject’s global program coordination and expansion.

Women make up half of the world population, but carry disproportionate poverty burdens.  Investing in women has huge returns for both society and business.  BSR creates local and global partnerships between international brands, local NGOs, and supplier factories and farms to provide female workers with health education.

The project improved health awareness/knowledge including personal/feminine hygiene, nutrition, family planning, sexually transmitted infections and pre- and post-natal care.  Improved health behavior and also use of factory nurses.  HERproject also benefits businesses:  enhanced recruitment and reputation and higher returns on existing investments.  One factory manager said “turnover rate reduced after implementation of the HERproject. There are less late attendance and early leave.”  Rosa hopes the project not only works in big factories, but can also extend to small and medium factories.

Hon. Treasurer Praveen collected HK$770 for raffle and fines. Rosa helped to draw the raffle gift: bottle of red wine, which Rtn Rebecca won.