10 Feb 2011

Philippe Séjalon: What it was like to launch a company one day before Lehman disappeared..."

District Conference will be held on 19-20 March 2011 at HK Convention Centre.
Club 888 raffle draw 2010-2011 will be held on 5th May; we need to finalize the prize list on 14th Feb, but we only have half of the prizes necessary, please help to get the prize.
District Bowling Tournament will be held on 13 March (Sunday) at Thunder Bowl, Whampao, Kowloon.  Registration fee will be HK$1500 per team (3 players).

President Stephen was not in town, so PE martin was the acting President.

The birthday boys today were PP George and Hon. Sec. Michael.  Acting President Martin presented a bottle of red wine to each as their birthday gift and we sang a birthday song to them.

PP Nick just came back from visiting the Liangshan Leprosy project and showed us some pictures.

The speaker today was Mr. Philippe Sejalon, whose topic was “What it was like to launch a company one day before Lehman disappeared…”.  After 14 years of a global corporate life, including 7 years working for a large reinsurer in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Philippe quit his job as Head of e-Business to travel around Africa.

Prior to this, he worked for a leading Management Consultancy in Scandinavia and Japan, and several other multinationals in various industries and parts of the world. His experience in over 50 countries and a working knowledge of 10+ languages proved a real asset.

In 2007, his passion for e-Business and Languages led him, and experienced partners, to create Global Citizen.  Philippe, who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge, has co-authored books on IT and taught in Masters of Science Degrees in e-Commerce.

His founded his company, Global Citizen one day before Lehman disappeared.  As a result, he lost all of his corporate clients.  However, today his company is an innovative language institute that teaches 25+ languages. Besides translation and interpretation, its eLearning platform (3D Virtual World & Social Media) used around the World is an efficient solution to decrease corporate training costs.

Our Sergeant at arms, Rtn Stephen collected HK$860 for raffle and fines.  VP Rebecca got the raffle prize as a bottle of red wine.

Today’s speaker, Philippe Séjalon, and PE Martin.

Philippe Séjalon, PE Martin, PP Nick.  Here, PP Nick presents artwork created by PALS (people affected by leprosy) in Liangshan, China, one of the club’s international charities.