24 Oct 2013

Lunch meeting: Rtn Ellen Chan "Who Am I"

Today, we had visiting Rotarian from The Philippines: PP Lito Anguilar of Rotary Club of Metro Angeles.  PP Lito introduced himself and his club to us and gave President Adrian a memorable gift: a portrait surrounded by Rotarian words and phrases (see slideshow gallery).

Our speaker today was Rtn Ellen Chan, who introduced herself to the club in the “Who am I” format.  Rtn Ellen was inducted to our club on 30 May 2013 and was proposed by Rtn Michael Lam.  Rtn Ellen works as Director of Marketing at Simmons Bedding & Furniture (HK) Ltd.  Her classification is Brand Communications & Retail Marketing.  She showed us some photos of her daily life and told us about her family, her hobbies and her jobs.  Now, Rtn Ellen is our Community Service Chair to look after the local service projects for our club.  Also, she helps PP Nick with the programme service. 

We collected HK$860 for raffle and fines. Rtn Ellen helped to draw the raffle gift, which was a bottle of red wine and the winner was Hon. Sec. Chris.