03 Mar 2011

Rtn Josh Sellers: Who I Am

District Conference will be held on 19-20 March 2011 at HK Convention Centre.
We will have our Spring Dinner on 17th March 2011, Thursday night at HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay.
We will have our Annual Dinner on 5th May 2011, Thursday night at Top Deck.
District Bowling Tournament will be held on 13 March (Sunday) at Thunder Bowl, Whampao, Kowloon.  Registration fee will be HK$1500 per team (3 players).
The District Tennis Competition will be held on 20 March for singles and 3rd April for doubles at Victoria Park, Causeway Bay.
District PP Dinner will be held on 8 April (Friday) at Kowloon Regal Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, the dinner fee is $450 per person.

PP Francesco visited the Grandma Care project in Thailand and showed us some photos with the beneficiaries.  He brought some backpacks as gifts for our sponsored children and he visited the Rotary Club of Chiangmai Thinthaingam, which supported the project.
The speaker today was Rtn Josh Sellers, who talked about “Who am I”.  Rtn Josh grew up outside of Seattle, Washington, on an island called, Vashon.  After he left home, he enlisted in the United States Navy as a Damage Control Specialist.  After his service in the Navy, he attended the Art Institute of Seattle to study Art History and Commercial Photography.  He later transferred to the Art Institute of San Francisco to continue his degree in Art History and Visual Communication.

He introduced to us how to view and understand composition in photography, which included Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio defines a spiral pattern that shows up repeatedly in nature, in everything from a nautilus sea shell to a sunflower to the spiral form of the galaxy itself.  Rtn Josh showed us some examples of famous brand promotional photos to illustrate how the ratios works.

We collected HK$860 for raffle and fines.  PP George donated a Fortune Book of the year of Rabbit as raffle prize, Rtn Adrian got the prize.

Rtn Josh Sellers demonstrating how the Golden Ratio works while also performing shadow puppetry.