09 Jan 2014

Lunch meeting: Shelterbox Update with PP Martin

We had birthday boy Rtn Joe today. President Adrian led us sing the birthday song and presented a bottle of red wine to him.

Today PP Martin Roeth was our speaker and gave us some updates on ShelterBox.  ShelterBox teams were working over the holiday season providing shelter to families made homeless by Typhoon Haiyan, especially reaching out to those on remote islands.
ShelterBox has made a commitment to help around 7,800 families who lost their homes, possessions and livelihoods when 195 mph Haiyan, and its subsequent 13 foot storm surge, razed to the ground almost every building in its path on 8 November. By Christmas Eve the international disaster relief charity had distributed enough ShelterBoxes, tents and toolkits to help more than 1,800 families. Now over 3,000 families have a tent protecting them against the sporadic heavy rainfall. The rest of ShelterBox’s committed aid will continue to arrive in regular shipments over the coming weeks and months.

In addition to the disaster in The Philippines, more than 2 million refugees have fled Syria and over 4 million people remain displaced within the country. The majority are in desperate need of shelter and other vital aid, leaving their homes with just the few possessions they can carry. The need now is greater than ever.
So far ShelterBox has sent aid to support more than 4,500 families in Syria, Iraq Kurdistan, Lebanon and Jordan. Our ShelterBox Response Teams (SRTs) are working in countries in the region to reach the most vulnerable families.
Conditions are only going to worsen with freezing temperatures and limited resources. The need for protection is critical and ShelterBox offers a winterised shelter solution. We are aiming to provide shelter for a further 5,000 families over the coming months.
PP Martin said HK is a good location in Asia for the logistics of the ShelterBox, and they hope they can have warehouses to store the materials and have them ready to send to the needy nearby as rapidly as possible. 

Sergeant at arm PP George collected HK$450 for raffle and fines.  PP Martin helped to draw the raffle prize, which was a fortune book for the Year of the Horse donated by PP George.  The winners were Rtn Michael Lam and Rtn Manoj.