29 Aug 2013

Lunch meeting: Speaker: PP Bernie Ting

Our speaker today was our own PP Bernie and his topic was “Green Q-Mark”, a trademark established in July 1978.  The Hong Kong Q-Mark Scheme is administered by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council under the auspices of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  The Scheme has developed into a widely recognised quality certification scheme within the region. 

The objective of the Q-Mark Scheme is to foster industrial development by enhancing the quality of products and services, and environmental conservation, as well as management systems in compliance with internationally recognised standards.  The mark acknowledges quality in products, services and environmental management, and promotes the concept of quality and environmental conservation in local and overseas markets.

There are three Hong Kong Q-Mark schemes that companies can join according to the nature of their business.  These are: the Q-Mark Product Scheme, the Q-Mark Service Scheme and the Green Mark Certification Scheme.

The Hong Kong Green Mark Certification Scheme is a system certification scheme.  It helps to identify, control and monitor the environmental aspects of a company‚Äôs operations.  It assists companies in leveraging a green management system to monitor product and activity interactions which may have an impact on the environment.  It directs companies to establish environmental performance benchmarks and make continuous improvement to achieve the desired level of environmental performance. 

We collected HK$1,190 for raffle and fines.  PP Bernie help to draw 3 raffle gifts.  The first one was a bottle of red wine donated by Rtn Erica and the winner was Rtn Rebecca.  The second prize, 3 concert tickets donated by PP George, was won by PP Martin.  The third raffle prize was a bottle of red wine presented to PP Bernie, who donated it back for the draw, was won by Rtn Jim.