24 Nov 2010

Lunch meeting: speaker: Mr. Doug Woodring

Today’s speaker was Mr. Doug Woodring from Project Kaisei.  Doug was born in California, but has worked in Asia for over 17 years. He is an environmental and technology entrepreneur, as well as a water sports enthusiast. Prior to working with startups, he created a framework for a global environmental technology fund at Merrill Lynch in 1998. He is currently working with a variety of renewable energy technologies, including microwind, wave, and for buildings, living vertical green walls. He is the chairman of the Environmental Committee at the American Chamber in Hong Kong, organizer of two open water swim races, and well connected throughout the region in the areas of the environment and new media technologies. He has a BA from UC Berkeley, an MA in Environmental Economics from Johns Hopkins (SAIS), and an MBA from Wharton.  He spoke about “Fishing in HK Water”.

PP Francesco had hole in one on 23 November at the Golf Club, so he bought everyone a glass of Champagne to celebrate.

Our Sergeant at arms, PP George collected HK$1,090 for raffle and fines.  PP Tobi donated an iPad case for the raffle prize and the winner was Rtn Michael Klammer; another raffle prize was a blottle of red wine, which PP Paul won.


  1. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) training camp will be held on 10-13 February, and the deadline of application will be 23 December 2010.
  2. The first Carol Singing Festival is to be organized in Hong Kong from 18 - 24th December, 2010 by and for the Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF).
  3. We will have our Annual General Meeting on next Thursday, 2nd December at 1pm at HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay.
  4. We will have our Christmas Party on 9 December at Poolside, HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay at 7:30pm.