29 Nov 2012

Lunch meeting: Mr. Ruy Barretto speaking on "Aspects of Conservation in Hong Kong"

As President Michael could not attend the lunch meeting, VP Betty was the Acting President today.  PP Peter Barrett brought us a banner from Rotary Club of Washington DC and PP Nick brought us a banner from Rotary Club of HK Financial Centre.

The speaker of today was Mr. Ruy Barretto and he spoke on the topic “Aspects of Conservation in Hong Komg” with us.  Mr. Ruy Barretto SC is a Barrister and the Board Member of Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden.  Mr. Barretto talked about the Convention on Biodiversity.  Hong Kong is a very special place which is small but with a lot of different species of animanls and plants.  To protect the biodiversity, we need to protect the environment and the Environmental Protection Department should be the gatekeeper.  He hopes to arouse the concern on environment from public and different groups, and then affect the decision making of the government.

As we had visiting Rotarians from Australia and US, they also shared their countries’ experience with Mr. Barretto. 

Sergeant Rtn Praveen collected HK$820 for raffle and fines, Mr. Barretto draw the raffle gift as a box of Golf Balls and the winner was Rtn Ernie.