04 Nov 2010

Rtn Conrad So: "My Ten Years of Absence from Rotary"

As President Stephen was out of town and PE Martin was in China,  VP Rebecca was our acting President today.
Our speaker today was Rtn Conrad So, who presented “A report on 10 years of absence from Rotary”.
Rtn Conrad came with his wife, Candy, and shared their personal journey over the last 10 years—his journey with family, faith, healing and Hong Kong’s support for the deaf and hearing impaired.  Rtn Conrad’s son Thomas was born deaf, so Conrad sought help and advice from many doctors in Hong Kong and Singapore.  Finally, they decided to have the cochlear implant operation for Thomas at Prince of Wales Hospital when he was 18 months old.  Now, with the help of a speech therapist and family members, Thomas can speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin.  Rtn Conrad shared his deep appreciation for the doctors, therapists and friends who helped his family through the years.
Our Sergeant at arms, PP Gorge collected HK$1,110 for raffle and fines, PP Gaston got another bottle of red wine as raffle prize.

Rotary 10K Race will be held on 7th Nov (Sunday) at Shatin Sports Ground.
We will have the Golf Tournament on 11th Nov (Thursday) at HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay before our lunch meeting.
Rotary Institute will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 19 to 21 November 2010.
Rotary Club of Kai Tak will have its charter ceremony on 23rd November 2010 at Harbour Grand Kowloon, Hung Hom and welcomes all members to join.

Our birthday boy today was PP Gaston, his birthday was on 1 Nov, we sang a birthday song to him and presented a bottle of red wine to him as birthday gift.  PP Gaston was so kind to treat everyone to a galss of champagne.

Rtn Conrad So gives his presentation on “My Absence from Rotary for Ten Years”.

Rtn Conrad So and his wife, Rtnne Candy

Acting President Rebecca presents a bottle of wine to PP Gaston for his birthday.