25 Mar 2010

Lunch Meeting: Timothy Ng from Ocean Park Conservation Fund

Mr. Timothy Ng from Ocean Park Conservation Fund introduced the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (OPCFHK) to Rotarians and guests today; the fund was
established as an independent charity trust, aiming to advocate and participate in the conservation of Asian wildlife and its habitats. Through research and education, OPCFHK hopes to ensure the sustainability of wildlife and biodiversity throughout Asia.
The fund has spearheaded more than180 research projects since its founding, expanding its conservation efforts from whales, dolphins and giant pandas to other species
like seahorses, red pandas and coral. The OPCFHK also endeavors to inspire young people by organizing school programmes for secondary and primary students, as well
as giving them the opportunities for field work under the “University Student Sponsorship Programme in Wildlife Conservation.” After the earthquake in Sichuan, OPCFHK set up the “Giant Panda Base Rebuilding Fund” and donated modular houses, camping equipment, water purification tablets and generators to the affected nature reserve. In the follow-up question and answer period, PP George also provided some detailed background on the artificial reef that is under consideration as a means of protecting Hong Kong’s aquaculture.

PP Mike brought his friend Mr. David Milner to join us.

As President Peter was out of town, PP Tobi was our Acting President.
The 50th District Conference will be held on 17 & 18 April 2010 at Hong Kong Disneyland, please register online. The Club will support all incoming officers to attend.
District Tennis Competition will be held on 11th and 25th April at Tsai Park in Kowloon.
We will have a BBQ Buffet and Wine Tasting on 15th April (Thursday night). Prior to the dinner there will be a meeting on how to best go about selling Club 888 tickets.
Reserve your Club 888 tickets today. If you didn’t receive the finalized ticket with prize listings, please ask Lillian for it.
Our Sergeant at Arms and birthday boy, Rtn Shri, collected $770 for raffle and fines, the raffle prizes were a bottle of red wine and a T-Shirt donated from PP Tobi, the winners were Rtn Adrian and PP Mike.

Timothy Ng from Ocean Park Conservation Fund

PP Mike’s guest Mr. David Milner (second from left)