10 Jan 2013

Lunch meeting: Tony Leung from The Leprosy Project

As President Michael could not attend our lunch meeting today, VP Betty was Acting President.  The birthday boy today was PP Paul, so we sang a birthday song to him and VP Betty presented him with a bottle of red wine as a gift.

Before our speaker, DG Kenneth Wong joined us and talked about the Cooperation between Ministry of Health, China and Rotary D3450 in Organ donation and transplant in China.  The main areas of work for Rotarians in HK and Macau are:
(a)  to support the construction and enhancement of the management system on organ donation and allocation in the Mainland;
(b)  to promote organ donation through publicity and advocacy programs in the Mainland; and
(c)  to promote international cooperation and exchange in organ donation between China and members of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Signing of a Letter of Intent with the Chinese Ministry of Health on Organ Donation in China was held on 26 Dec 2012.

Our speaker of today was PP Tony Leung, who talked about “The Leprosy Project”.  PP Tony is a past Chairman of the RCHKS-Handa Project International Ltd.  PP Tony showed us a recent documentary “Children of Leprosy”, by an award winning filmmaker.  RCHKS started the project to help Leprosy patients in Liangshan, Sichuan, which is one of the remaining pockets of leprosy in Mainland China. Most of the people affected by leprosy, whom we call ‘PALs’, are physically disabled, and need constant medical attention to improve their condition. The main aims of the project are to improve the early detection of leprosy, to prevent the disease and to provide training and self help guidance to the PALs. There are programmes covering psychological and social rehabilitation, economic rehabilitation and education in addition to the needed medical and health care.

Our Sergeant at Arms, PP Francesco, collected HK$1,620 from the raffle and fines; PP Tony help to draw the raffle prize, which was a hand made bag, the winner was PP Tony himself.