14 Nov 2013

Lunch meeting: Topic: New Vision for the New Equal World. Dr York Chow, speaker.

PP Martin and PP Stephen said hundreds of thousands of people in the Philippines are homeless and without clean water or food in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Their situation is desperate.  ShelterBox HK will have a fund raising event “Love from Hong Kong” to be held on Saturday (16th Nov) at Hong Kong Brew House LKF.  Additionally, the raffles and fines from today will go to the Typhoon victims in The Philippines through ShelterBox.

Our speaker today was Dr. York Chow, who talked about a “New Vision for the New Equal World”.  Dr. York Yat-Ngok CHOW was appointed as the Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in April 2013.  Prior to joining the EOC, he was Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food from 2004 to 2007, and Secretary for Food and Health from 2007 to 2012.  Hong Kong has four types of discrimination laws: sex, race, family status, and disability discrimination.  The vision of EOC is to create a pluralistic and inclusive society free of discrimination where there is no barrier to equal opportunities. Their role is to assist all of people to understand the rights and responsibilities under Hong Kong’s anti-discrimination legislation, and facilitate redress for discrimination.

Dr. Chow said people in wheelchairs still have the problem of accessing transport, and public areas that are too dependent access via stairs alone.  The government needs to liaise with the public transport companies to expand their facilities to more people with disabilities.

The current policy that ethnic minorities need to learn Chinese as basic requirement of public examinations needs to be re-examined in order to ensure that ethnic minorities have equal opportunities as local people to go to the universities.

Our Sergeant, Rtn Laurence, collected HK$1,700 for raffle and fines; the raffle prizes—a bottle of white wine and a fortune book of the year of “Horse”— were won by Dr. York Chow and Rtn Ellen.