02 Jan 2014

Ms. Alice Fu from the Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association

PP Paul celebrated his birthday today with President Adrian leading us in the birthday song and presenting a bottle of red wine to him.

We invited Ms. Alice Fu from the Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association (AKA) to talk about their projects today.  AKA will organise a Lunar New Year Home Visit Activity with our club to show care and love to underprivileged singleton elders. The service target is the deprived elderly people living in Wah Kwai and Wah Fu Estates and we are going to visit 30 of the elderly on 8th February 2014.  We will give the elders Chinese lanterns made by volunteers and food packages as Lunar New Year presents and will teach simple exercises to them.

Our club has also supported the AKA’s Counseling Services and Community based Mental Health Workshop, a Calligraphy Competition, and an Experience & Exposure Programme for two years now.

For the counseling service, our club sponsors individual and families who are in need of counseling but with financial difficulties from October of 2013 to September of 2015.  The Community-based Mental Health Workshop will be held to educate the public about the importance of good mental health and positive life attitude and to identify the at-risk population and increase their awareness in order to seek help for any potential troubles at early stage. The workshop content includes understanding the relationship between stress and emotion, an emotional quick test, and relaxation exercises.

We will have Hong Kong Chinese Calligraphy Ball Pen Competition 2013 & 2014 to advocate the importance of mutual respect, being responsible and caring in human relationships, and to promote the appreciation of our country through practicing one of its traditional arts.

The Experience & Exposure Programme aims to broaden the horizon of disadvantaged children as well as low income families.  “Ocean Park Behind the Scenes Tour”, “Etiquette Programme”, “Sailing”, “Hiking”, are a few of the programmes.  A Lan Kwai Fong Tour will be launched in January 2014.

Our club also works with the District and AKA to organise Ocean Environment Protection - Hong Kong Students’ Speech Competition to promote the sustainability of the oceans.

Sergeant at arms PP Martin collected HK$1090 in raffle and fines.  Alice helped to draw the raffle prize, which was a fortune book donated by PP George, which was won by Rtn Erica.