29 Dec 2011

Rtn Naresh Kumar: "Who I Am"

Today, we had our new member, Rtn Naresh Kumar to talk about “Who am I”.  Rtn Naresh is an MBA graduate from India but passion lies in sports, recreation and fitness. He is a former Indian National Gymnast, Yoga champion and boxer. He served as Gymnastic Judge for School, college and international competition for 7 years in Hong Kong.
He served in Hospitals for 4 months as volunteer yoga fun fantastic tutor for cancer patients in 2010. They have formally recognized that his teaching style benefits to many cancer patients. Since hospital discontinue due to funding matter in Aug, 2010. Since then he volunteered himself to organize and teach them in a private venue (ie St. James Settlement) every Monday 2.30 to 4.30. Anybody suffering from cancer are welcome to join us free of charge
Our Sergeant at Arms, PP Nick collected HK$900 for raffle and fines.  PE Michael Chiu got the raffle prizes as a box of Golf Balls.