27 Sep 2012

Lunch meeting: Secretary General of Independent Police Complaints Council. Speaker: Mr Ricky Chu

Our speaker today was Mr. Ricky Chu and his topic was “Enter the IPCC” (IPCC stands for Independent Police Complaints Council).  Mr. Chu graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1975 with a Bachelor Degree in Social Science.  In 1998 he acquired a UK Law Degree through distance learning.  Mr CHU joined the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in 1978 as an Investigator, and became an Assistant Director of Investigation in 2005.  In January 2011, after serving the ICAC for 32 years, Mr CHU was head-hunted to become the Secretary-General of the IPCC, leading a full-time Secretariat office to support the Council’s work in all fronts.

Independent Police Complaints Council started as a complaint monitoring and became a statutory body on 1 June 2009.  Now they have 42 staff; their functions include observing, monitoring and reviewing the handling and investigation of complaints to the Police; this includes identifying any fault or deficiency in police practices or procedures and to advise the Police of its opinion and/or recommendation of the complaints and promote public awareness of the role of the Council. 

Mr. Chu shared with us three cases to clarify their duties.  He said they will use their common sense and experience to find out the facts of each case and then report their findings and recommendations to the relevant authorities.  The goal of IPCC is to establish and maintain public confidence on the two-tier police complaints system and to help Hong Kong Police improve its service quality.

Our Sergeant, Rtn Praveen collected HK$940 for raffle and fines, Mr. Chu draw the raffle gift as a box of Chinese Tea and the winner was PE Adrian..