08 Sep 2011

Regular lunch meeting with visiting Rtn Simon James.

We had Dr. James Wong as our speaker; Dr Wong spoke on the topic “Acoustics Approach to New Town Planning and Buildings Design”.  Dr. Wong studied Acoustics at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. Has extensively applied the principles of acoustics, electronics and optics to solving complex problems for the military, government and private sectors.  Worked in Hong Kong Government Environmental Protection Department’s Policy Group and Management Group. In 1994, established Allied Environmental Consultants Limited and, in 1997, the environmental Allied (Env.) Group (BVI), working on developing advanced sustainable building concepts for the housing sectors. Have extensive background in the science and physics of acoustics and a broad base of knowledge of the literature and research conducted in the areas of architectural acoustics, especially acoustic in concert halls.  In addition, has served foreign assignments in Korea, Philippines, England, Austria and China. Continues to advise local government on a wide range of issues.

A noise is said to be annoying if an exposed individual or a group of individuals would reduce the noise, avoid, or leave the noisy area if possible. In extreme cases, noise can cause hearing loss or death. The criteria by which a noise is judged by a listener depend on the listener’s activities and environment. The primary acoustic factors that affect individual to noise are sound level, frequency and duration. He focuses on noise control based on thorough understanding of noise annoyances, its propagations and transmissions. He offers acoustics and engineering skills in controlling the primary, secondary and non-acoustics factors.
Also, James undertakes research and development work in behavioral science, the generation, propagation and transmission of sound in rooms to provides appraisal and practical acoustic designs to improve the quality of life at work, during leisure time and at home.
James explained to us what is Acoustic and how to affect our daily life.  Noise can make people stressful, using Acoustic Design in Town Planning and building design can reduce noise and stress.

Sergeant at Arms PP George collected HK$540 for raffle and fines.  Rtn Sam won the prize as a box of moon cakes.