14 Jun 2012

Lunch meeting: Speaker: Ms. Jennifer Sheppard on Detoxing and Health

Our birthday boy today was Rtn Jim Wardell.  President Martin led us in a birthday song for him and presented Jim with a bottle of red wine.

Our speaker today was Ms. Jennifer Sheppard and her topic was “Detox for Summer”.  Originally from South Africa, Jennifer is a UK qualified Chartered Secretary and has worked around the world in the offshore finance industry.  Jennifer has been detoxing for many years but it was only after having her daughter at 40 that Jennifer was able to leave the corporate rat race and focus on supporting others in their journey to detoxification and transformation through nutritional cleansing.  Jennifer is US trained and is also studying for a UK diploma in holistic nutrition.

Most of us will again have the goal to get fit/ lose weight/ eat more healthily in time for the summer, only to succumb to the seduction of Chardonnay and dining out. Jennifer Sheppard and Deborah Naples from Downtown Detox shared with us how to remove internal impurities through detoxing. Regular detoxing can help reduce the daily onslaught of pesticides, bad fats and additives in our food and drink and strengthen the organs that have to deal with them. As well as weight and inch loss, by following a detox, you can expect to feel and look younger and leaner with more energy, confidence and reduced cravings.  Club members had many follow-up questions regarding health, the environment and related issues. 

We collected HK$750 for raffle and fines.  VP Rebecca got the raffle prize as an umbrella.

Guest speaker Jennifer Sheppard from Downtown Detox.

President Martin thanks our guest speaker.

President Martin presents a bottle of red to Rtn Jim for his birthday.