19 May 2010

DG Ada will visit Beijing for the closing ceremony of "District Anti-Hepatitis B Project" on 19-20 May 2010, President Peter will join, too. Please RSVP to CDS Eddy Wong.

Dear Rotary Leaders,

DG Ada has already announced that she would like to invite all of you to
join her to visit Beijing for the Closing Ceremony of “District
Anti-Hepatitis B Project” and courtesy visits to several government
departments.  Since the committee has not yet finalized the program yet, we
still want you to pencil down the dates and make necessary travel

DG Official Visit to Beijing

Please reserve the departure date first in your diary.

18 May evening (Tue)  Departure from Hong Kong to Beijing

19 May (Wed)      Official Rotary Function

20 May (Thur.)      Official Rotary Function

21 May (Fri.)      Free Time (Public Holiday in Hong Kong)

22 May (Sat.)      Free Time

For return date, please liaise with the travel agency for your personal

PP Andy Wong will be the coordinator for the flight & hotel arrangement for
this trip.  If you are interested in joining this trip, please make
reservation with him directly.  However, if you would like to make your own
travel arrangement for this trip, please let me know when you will be there
and where you will stay so that I can inform you the appropriate meeting
time and venue in due course.  A centralized official delegate list is

Hotel Recommendation:  The Crown Plaza Hotel rate is approx . CNY820 incl.

Flight Schedule:

Hong Kong Airlines (UO)

UO304 HK - Beijing 19:00hrs / 22:15hrs

Air China (CA)

CA110 HK - Beijing 17:30hrs / 21:00hrs

CA116 HK - Beijing 20:00hrs / 23:25hrs

Dragonair (KA)

KA904 HK - Beijing 18:05hrs / 21:30hrs

KA906 HK - Beijing 19:00hrs / 22:35hrs


Hong Kong Airlines (UO)

Air China (CA)

Dragonair (KA)


      HKD 2,020

      HKD 3,330

      HKD 3,460


*      Min stay 2 days / Max stay 7 days
*      Rebooking fee HKD 150 per transaction plus fare/tax difference if
*      Refund penalty for a wholly unused ticket is HKD 850

Departure Before 27MAR10 only

It is estimated that the new rate will be similar

*      Min stay 2 days / Max stay 14 days
*      Rebooking fee HKD 850 per transaction plus fare/tax difference if
*      Non refundable
*      Not valid on CA 6XXX flight

*      Min stay 2 days / Max stay 14 days
*      Rebooking fee HKD 850 per transaction plus fare/tax difference if
*      Refund penalty for a wholly unused ticket is HKD 1,100
*      Valid on KA only OR either oneway valid on CX/CA only
*      Not valid on codeshare flight

+++All above rate are not included tax & fuel surcharge approx HKD 419 per

+++All above rate are subject to seat availability+++

Coordinator:  PP Andy Wong


Suite 1403 Chinachem Tower

34-37 Connaught Road Central

Hong Kong

TEL: (852) 2869 8383

EMAIL: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We need your cooperation to register for your attendance for this official
trip, no matter you arrange your own flight ticket or through our
coordinator.  The Organizing Committee need to know how many delegates would
join and the government officials may require to know who and how many
persons will pay the visit to them.  All the meeting rooms and conference
arrangement require your early indication of this trip. 

This is a very meaningful event for all the Rotary leaders to participate.
Please book your flight ticket and make hotel reservation as soon as
possible.  Should you find any other Rotarians interested in joining, please
invite them to join as well.

Please give me a reply email as follows so that a centralized delegate list
can be compiled.

Please reply no later than 29 Jan 2010 (Fri.)  Thank you for your

Yours in Rotary,

Eddy Wong

Chief District Secretary

Mobile:  9016-6667

To:      CDS Eddy Wong .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ; .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Reply Slip:  DG Official Visit to Beijing (May 19-May 20)

    From:  Name: _______________________     Position:

          Rotary Club of ________________________

1.    I will / will not participate in DG Official Visit to Beijing.  (if
yes, please reply Q2-7, otherwise, please send your reply)

2.    I will contact PP Andy to arrange the flight and hotel for this trip
/ I will make my own arrangement

3.    I will arrive Beijing on 18 May (yes) or on ____ May

4.    I will stay at Crown Plaza Hotel as recommended. / I will stay at

5.    I would / would not like to join the delegation to extend the stay in
Beijing for fellowship tour on 20 May.

6.    My contact email for this official visit ___________________

7.    I can be accessed in Beijing by mobile phone :