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26 Sep 2016

Club 888 Lucky Draw offers opportunity to help charities

The Rotary Club Hong Kong South District 3450 has held its annual Club 888 Lucky Draw for more than 20 years. Your donation will help us continue to help the needy, support educational and environmental activities, and provide the resources necessary to carry out local ad hoc and relief service projects.

Click here to download the prize list and ticket.  (1.3 MB PDF file)

This year Club 888 offers up 108 prizes with a cap on ticket sales set firmly at 500.  Prizes include a day out on a yacht for four, wine cellars, jewelry, watches, gadgets, gift certificates, lessons, and more.

How we have used Club 888 funds in the past:

• Continuing our club’s ongoing involvement in assisting people affected by leprosy in
Sichuan, China;
• Piloting a breakfast fund for underprivileged children in Hong Kong;
• Supporting mental health counseling;
• Supporting the Salvation Army’s Integrated Services for Youth Programme;
• Organising a Sustainable Seafood educational programme;
• Funding the repair of a public latrine in Nepal following the devastating earthquake there;
• Supporting Shelterbox, which brings emergency shelters to people put in harms way by natural or manmade disasters.

Click here to download the prize list and ticket.  (1.3 MB PDF file)