19 Dec 2009

Lunch meeting: Pediatric Emergency

IPP Francesco’s daughter Elena filled in for our speaker, who couldn’t make it to the meeting. Elena related her experiences working in an emergency pediatric unit in Australia, which evolved into an engaging discussion about health care. CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM PRESIDENT PETER The Christmas festivities are upon us again! Some of us will be holidaying in some distant land joining with families and relatives while others will be in Hong Kong celebrating and taking a well deserved rest with those nearest and dearest. May I personally and on behalf of the Club and Directors wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year! What do Christmas and indeed the New Year mean to each of us as Rotarians? As we look back over the year and review and assess our achievements in our personal, family and professional life let the Four Way Test and our Motto – Service above Self, He Profits Most who Serves Best be the template for our reflections. Our club has had a good year - with growth in membership, good fellowship and meaningful service projects. It has been a good effort, and we need to be on guard against complacency in the remaining Rotary year. Can we make our good efforts better, and our better efforts best? The Rotary spirit does not begin and end with every calendar or even Rotary year, but continues unabated as we have for the last 36 years. In the New Year let us therefore continue our efforts to make a difference… a difference to ourselves, our surroundings and our world. Wishing all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year! VISITING GUESTS IPP Francesco brought his wife, Eugenia and his daughter Elena; Rtn Shri brought two friends Paul Christensen and Sheila Twinns to join us. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Raffle prize today is a bottle of red wine. The auction of toys at Christmas Party raised HK$5,001 and the selling of CD from Rtn Emily raised HK$5,100. The Rotary Centenary Challenge Cup will be held on Wednesday 3 February 2010 at Happy Valley Racecourse. The price for the racing package for each participant, including a buffet dinner and unlimited supply of house wine and free drinks is $600 only. We will have lunch meeting on 24th and 31st Dec at Western Restaurant of HK Golf Club, please let Lillian know if you will attend. Rotary Club of Yokohama Midori invited us to join their 40th year’s anniversary celebration on 19 March at Yokohama, Japan. Golf Day will be held on 14th Jan at HK Golf Club, Deep Water Bay before lunch, now we had 16 members and guests signed up. Robin De Morgan Putting Competition will be held on 4th Feb at Golf Club. Club 888 Lucky Draw will be held in May 2010 and we hope to have as many prizes as we can. The regular speaker was stuck in another meeting and could not come today, IPP Francesco’s daughter Elena volunteered to give us an introduction to her work at a pediatric intensive care unit in Australia, which broadened into an interactive discussion about more general health care issues. We collected $720 for raffle and fines, Elena help to draw the raffle ticket, the winner was Rtn David and his raffle prize was a bottle of red wine.
IPP Francesco's daughter Elena was our speaker, who presented on pediatric emergency care, which is her profession.

PP Nick Pirie at St. Stephene’s Fete, where a group of volunteers helped sell crafts to raise money for the Liangshan Leprosy Project.