26 Aug 2010

Lunch meeting featuring Mr Lawrence T. Wong on green device Intelliplug

Our speaker today was Mr Lawrence Wong, who spoke about “Using Green Technology: saving standby power and saving money”.  Lawrence introduced IntelliPlugs and IntelliPanels to us , which have been designed to make life easier as they automatically switch your equipment off when it is no longer in use. Leaving electrical equipment on or in standby wastes energy, costs you money and can actually reduce the lifespan of your equipment.  It is designed for use with televisions and computers, which have supplementary equipment known as the peripherals (printers, scanners, etc). Once you plug your equipment into an IntelliPlug or IntelliPanel, it will automatically power all peripherals ON and OFF automatically. These devices will also help you to “go green”, reduce your “carbon footprint” and help fight climate change.

26 Aug 2010
All money collected today will be donated to help the Gansu mudslide victims in China.
As the suggestion of DG Jason, we observed a minute of silence during our club meeting to mourn the victims in the tragedy of Manila.
The Foundation Seminar will be held on 4th September (Saturday) at Regal HK Hotel.
School Carnival to welcome 16th Asian Games on 25th September (Sat) at HK Jockey Club Shatin Racecourse.

PP Francesco bought us red wines as he came back from long holiday and also celebrate his daughter’s wedding.
Lawrence gave the club IntelliPlugs to use for auctions or as raffle prizes.
IPP Peter helped to present Paul Harris Fellows to PP Tobi and President Stephen.

We collected $1,340 for raffle and fines; we bought a box of cookies from Fu Hong Society as raffle prize and the winner was PP Gaston.

Lawrence T. Wong and President Stephen