20 Jan 2011

Dinner meeting: Dr Sam Winter, speaker. Topic: Transgender

Rotary Centenary Challenge Cup will be held on 16 Feb 2011 (Wed) at Happy Valley Racecourse, our club reserved a table.
District Conference will be held on 19-20 March 2011 at HK Convention Centre.

The birthday today was PP Peter, he paid not sing birthday songs.  President Stephen presented a bottle of red wine as PP Peter’s birthday gift.

The speaker today was Dr. Sam Winter, he came to be our speaker for a lunch meeting before, but for the limited of time, he came back again to have more time to talk about Transgender.  He also brought a guest, Jacky, a transgender woman, who talked about her decision to become a woman and the issues transgender people face adapting in Asian societies, where some are supportive (eg. Thailand) and some less so.  Dr Winter discussed how the problems are compounded when government’s like Hong Kong’s do not permit birth records to be changed, thus opening the possibility of marriage for people who are transgender.
Our Sergeant at arms, PP Francesco collected HK$1,541, US$20 and RMB1, total will be HK$1,698.2 for raffle and fines.  Rtn David’s friends got the raf

Dr Sam Winter