19 Jan 2012

Dinner meeting: Speaker: Feng Shui Master Jill Lander

Today, we had two birthday boys, they were PE Michael Chiu and Rtn Joe Chui, as usual, and we sang the birthday song and presented a bottle of red wine to them. 
The speaker today was Ms. Jill Lander; her topic was “The Year of Dragon”.  Classically trained master graduate in the art of space alignment and Chinese metaphysics Jill with more than 15 years experience having trained with some of the greatest FENG SHUI masters of our time through out Asia, inspires her clients to maximize their true potential using authentic yet practical FENG SHUI.
In a position to truly explain to her clients, the essence of FENG SHUI PRINCIPLES Jill’s International reputation and her principle is to release the ‘mystery’ that has been attached to FENG SHUI.
THE CHINESE ZODIAC SYSTEM offers great insights into the year ahead yet the primary point of reference for an in depth analysis would be the date of the persons birth as our astrological sign offers insights into personality traits and how we are perceived by others.
Each year’s energy determines our moods and tolerance of others, which can have a huge impact on both our personal and professional relationships. We are influenced by our thoughts and actions and the ones closest to us are normally the one’s who see and feel our energy most, which is why it’s important to have some concept of how what we may expect to experience in order to maximize our ENERGY & LUCK!
After the Chinese New Year, it will be the Year of Dragon, Jill told us a lot of information about the Chinese Animal Astrology, for example, Pig will be lucky in the Year of Dragon and Tiger will be average.  Also, Jill told us the forecast of the Year of Dragon and how to attract more luck and avoid the bad luck.
Beautifully presented in a bound copy format in a Chinese Silk Pouch this analysis makes a great gift for the friend – loved one who has everything!
We collected HK$860 for raffle and fines.  Hon. Sec. Michael got the raffle prizes as a box of Chinese New Year cookies and Rtn Stephen got the beautiful Dragon Plate.